First Post!

Oh my GOODNESS! I am SO excited to be writing this and starting this new adventure. I want to welcome you all to my BRAND NEW BLOG. If you were a reader of Wholly Happy Life, welcome back! I know this is a big difference look-wise and feel-wise than WHL was, but I promise the message of Wholly Happy connecting the body, mind and soul continues on with this new space.

My co-founder of WHL, Caitlin, had to make a tough decision to move on from Wholly Happy. With her baby boy on the way and life’s many unexpected turns, she no longer could give it the time it needed. I thought about continuing on the beautiful blog we created together, but it felt a little hollow without my partner in crime. I truly wish Caitlin the best and CANNOT WAIT to meet Baby Linduff. Perhaps you will see her as a guest blogger in the future ;). I support her FULLY in this next step in life and she supports me on all my new adventures too! Women supporting women is what this new blog is all about!

What I have learned along the way is that there is PLENTY of space for ALL OF US to go after what we want and get it. I have been feeling so motivated to go after what I want recently and chase dreams I have been too afraid to chase in the past. I haven’t ever felt this motivated before and the more I read, watch, and listen to the women I admire, the more the message is clear: WE CAN ALL LIVE OUR DREAMS TOGETHER. If we stop competing and start supporting, we will have so much more to offer.

The title for this blog, “Honest Apple,” happened in a really organic way. I have always been a HUGE believer in honesty. I know that I hold that above all else in my relationships, and for myself, because I need to trust you to let you in and hold you close. It is also why I feel that being honest with my friends is so important, because when you aren’t honest about your feelings and about your life, can you really truly connect and know each other? Listening to the Oprah Podcast one day, I heard one of her guests, I believe it was Glennon Doyle, share the idea that, “you’re only as sick as your secrets”. She was not the first person to say this, but it was the first time I heard it. Wow. So much about that quote resonated with me. When we hold stuff inside, so much wrong can happen.

My educational background is in counseling, so I am a huge advocate for therapy and talking about how to improve your life and work through issues. In addition, as I stated, being honest holds a ton of weight in my relationships. So upon hearing this quote, it made sense to me but made me understand why it matters so much to me on a whole new level of awareness. What if our secrets are preventing us from really living and finding our authentic selves? What if the things I don’t say and the things I don’t share are blocking me from living fully happy? What if that is actually everyone’s biggest issue? I have so much more to share on that later.

As that started to click, a friend and I happen to have a conversation about how we believe that the only true friends you can have are the ones that you can talk to about how you are feeling and what you are going through, even when that friend is the one that upset you. I started to truly think about my “real” friends. I felt a little disheartened about the number of friends who all of a sudden didn’t fit that category. After thinking on this awhile, I started to really “get” what it means to feel like you can fully be yourself with somebody. Everyone is looking for unconditional love and acceptance, why shouldn’t this be the number one important thing in everyone’s relationships?

These revelations and a few other things recently have inspired me to cut the bullshit (even more than before)  and share more openly about my insecurities, fears, and struggles, and to ask for help when I need it (a big one I need to work on). As I began to put this blog together, “Honest Apple” came to me and I feel so strongly that it encompasses what I will try to bring to you guys with every post. I want to be honest even if I think you’re not gonna like it, even if I think it might turn people away. Because what is MOST important to me is that I am “honestly me” through this journey and to my readers. That my readers know me and therefore read this because they genuinely care to read what I have to say.

So expect to see a lot from me coming up. I am making a lot of changes and setting a lot of goals and I know it is going to be journey. I hope to encourage women everywhere to believe that they can do it too, no matter what the dream is and be honest with themselves as they journey into the unknown of their future and personal goals. I hope that as the readers of Honest Apple grow, so do the connections between them!

We have so much to learn from one another.


If you want more of Honest Apple, follow me on Twitter and Facebook at “cappleaday” or find me on Instagram at c.appleaday! You can click the links on this website and it’ll take you straight there. Another HUGE announcement is coming and huge dream of mine is coming true….stay tuned for more 🙂 

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