Our New Podcast!!

I have talked about this briefly, but wanted to elaborate a bit. I have been on this crazy train ride lately of inspiration, manifestation, and go-getting. Everything I am reading, watching, listening to has been pushing me to say “if not now, when?!”  I have talked about wanting to do a podcast for a very long time, but didn’t ever have the concept. As I mentioned on the podcast, I have been a guest on a podcast here and there for many years now (222 Podcast with Mike and Robbie–check them out) and have always loved the platform and my time on the show.

Despite this, it has only been within the last five or six months that I have really gotten into the world of listening to podcasts- and boy- what the heck took me so long?! I am absolutely OBSESSED with it. I am not a fan of driving and it can give me some anxiety. So after discovering how much I loved to listen to podcasts (mostly inspirational ones) I now LOOK FORWARD to driving because that is “podcast time”. Omg, it has changed my world. I live a half an hour from my work and 20-45 minutes from everything else so no joke when I say- podcasting has REALLY made my time in the car go from anxiety ridden ugh-ness to OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY COMMUTE HOME. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite podcasts later.

So between really enjoying being on my friends podcast and loving to listen so much, it felt like – “duh, why I am not doing one?”The idea popped into my head one random day early September and there was NO other person I could possibly think of who would make a better co-host than one of my closest friends, Jess. Without batting an eye, she said “YES!” and we began our journey of figuring out it how all of this works. Man, did I have to learn a whole lot. But as I am continually discovering in life, if you want something bad enough-you’ll figure it out!

Originally, our concept was purely about balancing health. Our first title idea was “The Healthy Drunks” LOL-which I still love-but as we started to develop our ideas about who we wanted our audience to be, and applied it to our own lives and journeys, the concept turned into something which I feel is SO MUCH MORE.

We love that we have an outlet now where women can just be themselves for 45 minutes to an hour…laugh, relate, and drink some much needed wine. We also felt so powerfully that more and more women are SEEKING a place where women celebrate one another, feel totally themselves, and are allowed to just be. Wherever that is…they can just be. We feel that Glass Full of Soul supplies that. It certainly does for Jess and I.

We truly, truly appreciate your support through this. The message of Honest Apple and #livinghonestly coincides perfectly with the vibe and message on our brand new podcast Glass Full of Soul. I honestly can’t believe both things came together. It has been a very hectic couple weeks/months around here. It’s funny, people always say if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life. And Damn, I love this. All this work has felt SO GOOD (even when I was stressed out of my mind). When you are working with passion and heart, it all just feels good. I truly wish to continue my life on this journey of passion and goals. Where was this person hiding all these years?

So think of the podcast as just another awesome way for me to reach you, my readers and now hopefully listeners. I am so excited to connect with you in this new way! So, if you haven’t, find us on –click here–> Glass Full of Soul on Podbean! or on iTunes at Glass Full of Soul at iTunes. There are apps for both Podbean and itunes! If you have an iphone already- the app is actually programmed into your phone under “Podcasts” (it’s purple) 🙂  If you love it: comment, share, and RATE us. Leave us reviews! Reviews and downloads will help us get our name out there 🙂 so we’d really appreciate it. We would also absolutely love your feedback. We are looking for listener interaction and connection as much as possible.



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