There always comes a moment when you decide to take a step in one direction or the other. As I have been feeling better, but still out of my routine, it has been easy to have that moment and choose not to workout. It isn’t about “motivation”: it’s about that moment and that decision. When it comes to anything in life, we all have that moment where it’s a question of “will we” or “won’t we”. It’s the little things and the big things we decide to pursue. For me, today, it was about working out. But this truly applies to everything you do (or don’t do). I have not been myself as of late and I have been making the decision not to work out. This week, however, I knew the excuse of not feeling well was gone and the excuse of being used to not being in a workout routine had filled its void. So I had to make a decision. Do I continue down this path of not working out, knowing perfectly well that working out gives me amazing benefits and makes me a happier, healthier person? I think the answer is obvious, but these moments where we have to choose are not always easy.

So, knowing that it is easy to have a thought to start, but not always easy to follow through, I took steps leading up to the day to make that decision easier. Planning can sometimes make all the difference. So here’s how I planned:

  1. I chose a day to start. As I wake up at 5:00am for work, a weekday felt harder because morning workouts are harder to push yourself to do, especially in the Winter. So I pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down “Saturday is the day I will work out for at least a half-hour.” It’s amazing what putting down your goals on paper can do–even small goals.
  2. I told my Husband, “I’m going to start working out again on Saturday”. Even though I knew it wasn’t his responsibility–that he wouldn’t stand there on Saturday and tell me to do it–it helped me to know I have other people aware of my goal.
  3. I scheduled a specific workout to start with. Luckily, it’s easy for me to schedule a class and workout because of have the Tone It Up app that already tells me what to do each day of the week. So I made sure to schedule the class for that day at a reasonable time – 11:00am. Not too early, not too late.
  4. The night before the workout, I picked out workout clothes and laid them out. Nothing makes it easier than having the outfit you need right at your fingertips.
  5. The morning of, I posted about starting to workout again. Sure, having my husband know helped push me, but having a bunch of other people know made me feel like I needed to.

Planning to do something is KEY, but it isn’t everything. Even after doing all those things, I could have easily backed out. I might have made it harder for myself to do so, but not impossible. It all came down to the decision to get up and do it. That moment is a second or two at best. You stand on the precipice of will-you/ won’t-you in EVERY DECISION YOU HAVE EVER MADE. What will I make for dinner tonight? Will I buy this shirt at Target? Will I apply for this job? Will I shower today? I’m telling you, these moments happen each time, and each time you say “yes” or “no”. It’s as simple as that.

So today, at 10:30am, I made a choice. I got up off the couch, put those already-laid-out workout clothes on, grabbed some water and my sneakers, and walked upstairs to my home gym. I had come this far in my decision, so it was easy when 11:00am rolled around to click into the class and get started. It’s amazing what you can do with a just a few seconds of time.

The decisions you make every day -Will I? Won’t I? Yes? No? –they really matter. They build you, they change you: they add up. So if you’re looking for “motivation,” you’re going to be disappointed. Just keep asking those questions, and make the next decision in your life a good one.


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