Dos and Don’ts of Pregnancy!

I am about to start week 31 of my pregnancy and couldn’t be happier! Baby is moving and grooving daily and boy, is baby active! In thinking about this being the last trimester, I was reflecting back on some things I have learned along the way that I feel I didn’t really know and also that I need reminding of from my first and second tris. Here is my list of DOS AND DON’TS. Disclaimer: My dos and don’ts do NOT need to be in any way shape or form followed by you or taken into consideration for you personally. Every mom is different so this is just what I learned along the way! You do YOU. No mom-shaming here!!!

  1. The entire first trimester is a whirlwind of unexpectedness no matter how much reading you have done. Breathe. This too shall pass. 
  2. The first trimester is VASTLY different from the second. The end’s in sight! Hang in there, early-pregnancy ladies. You won’t be this tired forever…well, until that baby is born 😛 
  3. With that being said, this doesn’t mean second trimester is all rainbows and baby kicks, nope. I had a TON of anxiety and strange symptoms through my second trimester too, I just wasn’t falling asleep at my desk and feeling sick 24/7. Second tri can come with it’s share of fun too.
  4. Call your doctor for ANY questions, big and small. You might feel crazy and needy, but 9 out of 10 times they will make you feel better. When it doubt, call. My OBGYN knows I’m a frequent flyer and a worrier and I’m ok with that.
  5. Every pregnancy is different from the next. It’s great to get advice and comfort from a fellow momma or momma-to-be, but remember that no two pregnancies are alike. Always call your doctor when you have any concerns. 
  6. Bleeding is actually common in the first trimester. Any blood and you should call, but don’t immediately panic. Sometimes there is a reasonably normal cause, sometimes there is no explanation for it, and sometimes it can be a sign of a miscarriage. I had bleeding often in my first trimester and there was no cause. It can happen even in healthy pregnancies so try to breathe and take the next step.
  7. Don’t worry about what the next pregnant lady is able to handle. Comparing is never good and, again, all pregnancies are different. Trust your body and your intuition. Comparison is only hurting you, not helping. 
  8. I know googling symptoms can sometimes be the worst advice out there, but I found a LOT of comfort in reading through Mommy Forums discussing symptoms they went through. It would put my mind at ease…most of the time. Don’t believe everything you read and again CALL YOUR DOCTOR, but sometimes just knowing other moms out there experienced things the same way can help you calm down.
  9. DO find a friend in a fellow pregnant lady though. If nothing else, you can share the fact that you’re both missing wine and your bodies are both changing, even when the experiences aren’t exactly identical. The support from someone who just ‘gets it’ can make a world of difference.
  10. Don’t be afraid to tell people to stop giving you advice. It gets old. Trust me. Let your loved ones know you will seek their advice when you need it and not to worry.
  11. Don’t get overwhelmed with the registry. This whole thing is a learning curve. The answers will come to you and you don’t need nearly as much as you think. (I am still adding and changing my registry two weeks out from my shower :P).
  12. Don’t panic if you eat something on the “no” list. It happens, even accidentally at times. It is safe to follow those guidelines but it doesn’t automatically mean you have done any sort of harm to the baby if you have accidentally consumed something one time. Breathe. Not every slice of turkey is contaminated.
  13. You are doing ok. No matter if you are being super active and eating healthy or giving in to those cravings “too often”. It’s ok to reset each day and start over. It’s ok to enjoy the necessary weight gain. Embrace the change as best as you can. Change doesn’t have to be scary! It is just different. 
  14. The body love gets better post first trimester. I was mortified by what was happening in the beginning but as soon as my bloat became a bump, I was just in love. Granted I could do without the love handles attached, but it’s ok to give yourself some grace, patience, and not to worry so much about it at this time. Pregnancy is not an excuse to let yourself go, but it is OK to look different, round out and have some extra plump in your cheeks. Everyone will think you look beautiful anyway and they will tell you often too!
  15. Don’t be surprised if some symptoms happen that don’t make any sense. My one nostril drains consistently since becoming pregnant because everything swells on your body. Oh yeah, your va-jay-jay can swell too. Yep. Get ready.
  16. Cry when you need to. Girl, just cry. Your hormones are gonna make you feel like your back in high school and everything is drama. It’s ok. Just remind yourself at times that it isn’t that bad and you’ll be ok. But if you need to cry, DO IT.
  17. Find joy in the happy little things. Great advice at ANY time! It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant or not, but be mindful of it throughout this journey. Those baby kicks are PRECIOUS even when you feel like shit. Remember your partner, your friends, your pets. There is so much joy all around you! 
  18. Just so you know…you can hate being pregnant. It’s ok!!! It’s takes a HUGE toll on your body that eventually (so they say) is worth it, but not every woman loves it and you don’t have to either. This is only temporary, remember!


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