If you have stumbled upon this blog, welcome. Honest Apple is the space I have created to share what’s going on in this lively head of mine. A space to connect to other women who are on a journey driven by passion, health, and happiness. There is something shifting in the world. Women everywhere can feel it. This is the time for us to speak up, reach out, empower one another, and truly go after what it is that WE want.

I have found that my fears have so often shaped my choices, but this blog is one step of many I have taken recently away from that life. I have learned that the best possible way to live each day is with gratitude, passion, and drive. I am a work in progress as so many women are. That little or big voice inside of you telling you that your dreams are not dead, that it’s never too late, that that little spark inside of you CAN be reignited or ignited for the first time, has brought you to this space.

I no longer want to be driven by my fears, anxieties, and by the judgement of others anymore. Through this blog I hope to share that honest and open journey with you (no bullshit here!), the struggles and successes, and hope that you too will begin to close the door to doubt, and open up the door to opportunity and growth. Let’s #realtalk our way to living our dreams! Isn’t it finally time to put you first?

I’m SO glad that you are here. We are all in this together.